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Fibreglass and resin based products are fragile by nature. Whilst fibreglass is a perfect medium for creating modern, stylish planters and pots, there are some guidelines that need to be followed to ensure the structural integrity of your pots is maintained.

The roots of plants and trees cause destruction to even the hardest of material i.e. concrete, asphalt, clay and even steel.  For this reason it is not recommended or suggested that you plant directly into fibreglass planters or pots (with exception of small square or round planters up to 30cm diameter).

Fibreglass pots and planters are not designed to be filled with soil from the base to the top. The weight and pressure of the soil can cause damage and cracking to the fibreglass. Where soil is placed in the top quarter of a pot for shallow planting i.e. annuals and perennials, the depth of soil should not exceed 25% of the total volume of the pot or planter.  

It is recommended that trees and plants are contained in plastic pots and placed inside the fibreglass pot.  The surrounds of the plants / trees can have a wire mesh, chicken wire or similar material placed inside the pot and pebbles can then be spread across the wire to create the impression that the tree or plants are planted inside the pot.

This process also assists should there ever be a requirement to move the pot.

Wholesale Pots guarantees all fibreglass pots and planters for a period of 90 days against defects and faulty workmanship.  Wholesale Pots does not guarantee any fibreglass pot or planter that has been planted into directly.  All guarantees are void in the event of direct planting or the pots being filled with soil where pots have not been sealed as per maintenance instructions

***  Resin, fibreglass, poly stone and poly terrazzo pots and planters are all hand made.  No two pots are identical and variations may occur.  Imperfections are part of the characteristics of having hand made, non mass produced items.  Wall thickness, straightness and composition will vary.  Manufacturers  warranty does not cover cosmetic variations, geometry, shape or appearance of pots and planters.  Warranty covers structural defects where the intergrity of the pot / planter is compromised and where impact has not occured.  ****


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